Tesla Model 3 TPE All Weather Floor Mat Set (3 Piece Interior Set)

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Guaranteed Fitment

2020 Tesla Model 3
2021 Tesla Model 3
2022 Tesla Model 3
2023 Tesla Model 3

3 Piece Kit Includes

1x Driver Side Floor Mat
1x Passenger Side Floor Mat
1x Second Row Floor Mat


Our 3D scanning and CAD molding process eliminates gaps and loose fitting mat sidewalls. Our design goes to the millimeter to give you the best fitting mat available.

Image of the Ultra-Grip Backing Nubs on the Model 3 Floor Mat


Utilizing hundreds of nub spikes to hold the mat securely in place. Our mats will not move underfoot.

Never deal with the frustration of floor mats moving when you get in the vehicle, or worry about the mat moving and blocking the brake or accelerator pedals.

Tested under extreme conditions on the race track to make sure they will not move.

Image of the Ultra-Grip Backing Nubs on the Model 3 Floor Mat


We added additional Velcro attachment points along the inner sidewall of the mat to add additional stability underfoot.


TPE is lifeproof. Water, Snow, Slush, Mud, Dirt, Dust, Coffee, Soda, Cheetos, Kids, your Aunt Martha’s Spaghetti Sauce. Nothing will soak through these mats.

Our unique design has channels to move water away from the footwell. Snow, Slush, Water and Dirt are all easy to clean off.

Ever seen a cheap floor mat after a few weeks of real world use? We have. They become a new color of dust and dirt finely ground into the soft surface materials of cheaper mats.

Simple clean up with soap and water will bring your mats back to looking new!


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    Posted by Jacob on Jan 1st 2024

    These mats are amazing! I had been looking for mats that did not have any logos and were a simple look like the ones Tesla sells. They fit perfect and look great! I recommended these over the 2 other Amazon brand I tried.